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BOP20HV 5 Gallon Battery Powered Oil Pump Kit

BOP20HV 5 Gallon Battery Powered Oil Pump Kit

BOP20HV 5 Gallon Battery Powered Oil Pump Kit

This 5 Gallon Bucket Oil Dispenser Pump kit has everything needed to pump oil. Powerhead, Stem with 5ft of 3/4 hose with On Demand Nozzle, 18V Li-Ion Battery, Battery Charger, 2 Pail Adapters. Designed for 5 Gallon Oil Pails up to 140W. No need to use cumbersome and difficult to dispense hand pumps or transfer oils manually to smaller containers. Place the BOPHV into any 5 gallon oil container, flick the Powerhead on, and engage the on-demand flow nozzle. It’s that easy!

  • BOP20HV Oil Kit: BP20S-OHU
  • Weight Ea : 10.5
  • Dimension – Each: 14X20X5
  • EAN per unit: 9317147744515

Macnaught BP20S-OHU Features and Benefits

  • On Demand control nozzle
  • Portable Powerhead (Powers multiple stems)
  • Sealed wetted parts
  • Separate Powerhead – multiple oils with one Powerhead 18V rechargeable 2.0Ah battery delivers up to 40GAL
  • Oils up to SAE140 / ISO680
  • Flow rates up to 1.5+GPM
  • No more pumping by hand to reduce fatigue
  • No air required, eliminates costly air pumps
  • No funnels needed, reducing spillage

Macnaught BP20S-OHU Specifications


BOP20HV Oil Kit

Drum size

5 Gallon Pails

Lubricant Range

Up to 140W / ISO680

Delivery Rate

Up to 1.5+ GPM @ 68F – cooler temps will reduce output


5 ft of ¾’ Hose. 10ft option is available


45 min fast charge


18V Li-Ion Smart Battery 2.0Ah up to 40 GAL/Charge

Fully serviceable


2 years

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