Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meters

Apart from the LM & MM Pelton Wheel and the VFF Rotary Piston Positive Displacement flow meters Litre Meter also, in the UK only, sell a range of complimentary devices/technologies to meet every flow meters requirement. This started with the Sierra Thermal Mass Gas flow meters and flow controllers and soon built up to a comprehensive source. Sierra also provides an insertion thermal meter, a vortex and an ultrasonic range. Ritter make primary standard gas meters for a few cc/hour upwards. Euromag manufacture a wide selection of electromagnetic meters including small-bore, flange, wafer and insertion types. To add to the positive displacement range of VFF there are two PD meters from KEM featured. These are the ZHM gear meter and SRZ helical screw meters.

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Rotary Piston Flow Meter

Pelton Wheel flow meter

Tricor Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

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