Single Board Computers PCI 960

Kontron Technology offers a range of Single Board computers industrial and embedded motherboards. Single board computer serves different needs of customers in the industrial transportation and medical fields.

Kontron offers many value-added services to Single Board Computers (SBCs) like:

  • Qualified technical support, tailored Training & Consulting
  • System Integration also for customer defined parts
  • Full Custom Designs, special Repair contracts
  • Longevity of Supply & Repair even beyond legal requirements
  • Revision Control
  • Extended Supply Chain Management.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) project management offers all services and logical signal point contact. ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) regional support in the market offers production and logistical sites on all continents. ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) has been designed in keeping in mind of short term time grants accessing latest technologies. ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) comes with a expertise of 30 years. ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) offers granted quality industrial standards.

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