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High Accurate Intelligent Dosing Control Valve

High Accurate Intelligent Dosing Control Valve

The KT-18 Series High Accurate Intelligent Dosing Control Valve is designed and manufactured for textile dyeing machine. It is suitable for the automation control dosing system for the textile dyeing machine.

KT-18 Series Features

1.High Accurate Intelligent Electromotive Control Valve is especially designed for textile dyeing machine. The repeatable percision is high. It is micro adjustable and the minimum flow can be controlled at 0.2 1/min .

2.Built-in four characters LED control panel could be used for setting the control parameters of the electric-actuator.

3. Directly receiving 4-20mA analogue input signal from the programmable logic controller (PLC). It can output a 4-20mA feedback signal according to the valve position. Adopt 24VDC power supply.

4. The plug design adopts hard metal sealing design, having high precision of the curve of flow rate and excellent sealing ability.

5.The mode of connection including flange, thread, welding and wafer suits for different connection mode.

6.The valve body material adopts high anti-corrosion stainless steel 316L. The enclosure of actuator is made in stainless steel 304 suits for harsh operation environment of textile dyeing factory.

7.Enclosure meets IP67 standard, completely isolating with the ambient environment and air, avoiding the polluted air to damage the electric components within the enclosure.

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