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Three Phase Four Wire Whole Current Static Energy Meter

Three Phase Four Wire Whole Current Static Energy Meter

Three Phase Four Wire Whole Current Static Energy Meter

HXE 34 is Three Phase Electronic electricity meter designed for measurement of active and reactive energy as well as maximum demand, multi-tariffs for domestic, commercial and industrial customers in three phase networks. The meter comply with IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-23 & IEC 62052-11 and relevant WAPDA standards.

Metering System

The metering system employs a high quality special measuring IC. The metering elements is shielded against strong external magnetic fields up to 0.7 Tesla and is protected against over voltages and high frequency disturbances. Such a design of metering element assures excellent metering features, high metering reliability and negligible effect of influence quantities and requires no re-calibration over meter’s entire life span.

Meter Housing

Ergonomically designed housing is made of Fire retardant poly-carbonate and can be recycled at the end of the meter life.It assures protection Class-II (double insulation) and IP54 protection against dust and water penetration. The meter cover is made of transparent poly carbonate. The terminal cover is fixed with two sealing screws. Three Phase Whole Current Meters are housed in Security Boxes Made of Fire Retardant Poly-carbonate whereas upper and lower parts of Security Boxes are welded together through high frequency Ultra Sonic welding Techniques.

LCD Display

The 7-segment LCD is 8-digit, measuring data are displayed as eight digit value (all integers or with one or two decimals). The identification codes of displayed data are available with each quantity. Symbol of energy flow direction, flags of a valid tariffs and meters status are also displayed.

Time-Of-Use Registration

The meters enable registration of energy in different tariffs changing over schedules, Time of changing over tariffs are set with hour and minute with resolution 1 minute. Maximum four tariffs can be programmed in multiple seasons and holidays.

Main Features

  • Three Phase four wire connection.
  • 3*230/400V 50Hz  10(100)A.
  • 1000 impulses /kWh, 1000 impulses/kvarh.
  • Meter Specifications comply with relevant IEC Standards 62052-11,62053-21 & 62053-23.
  • Compliance with WAPDA & K-Electric Specification for kWh class 1 and kvarh class 2.
  • Tampering information along with date and time stamp is recorded.
  • “OPENED” is permanently display on LCD in case meter cover is opened.
  • Phase indicators “L1,L2,L3 ” blink during current consumption.
  • Three inverted triangles on lower right of LCD describe the abnormal field conditions like abnormal voltage, phase sequence, overload demand etc.
  • Works under individual phase failure and record Active, Reactive energies consumed correctly even on low voltage.

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