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JST (UK) Ltd

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Confirming to USB Type-C (USB-C) specifications, this robust and sleek interface connector offers high-speed transmission of up to 10Gps and power supply of up to 100W, making it ideal for hand held and industrial applications.

Also, the geometry of this USB Type-C Connector (USB-C) is symmetrical, which allows for the convenience of coupling without having to consider the orientation of both halves.

  • Space saving design

  • Excellent durability performance

  • 10,000 insertion/withdrawal cycles

  • Resistance to prying at inserting and withdrawing

  • Double structure shell provides strong a strong mechanical structure and unwanted EMI leakage.

  • Mounting is hybrid DIM/SMT.

  • Halogen free

  • Conforms to USB Type-C (USB-C) Specification 1.0

  • RoHS Compliant

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