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Mega-VAC (Hoseless Sludge Removal System)

Mega-VAC (Hoseless Sludge Removal System)

Mega-VAC (Hoseless Sludge Removal System)

Efficient removal of sludge from the bottom of sedimentation basins in water and wastewater treatment applications has long been an issue. Failure to address sludge removal can reduce the effective volume of the tank as well as the efficiency of the sedimentation process. Former sludge removal systems provided a solution to the problem, but came with issues related to handling of the sludge.

The new hoseless Mega-VAC (Hoseless Sludge Removal System) developed by JMS addresses these concerns by combining proven technology with knowledge from 50 years of outfitting sedimentation basins. The JMS Mega-VAC (Hoseless Sludge Removal System) design uses the hydraulic head differential between the water surface and the sludge discharge elevation (or pump when needed). Head pressure in the basin forces sludge into the dual header orifices, and on to the discharge point for collection. This hoseless design has resulted in a reliable low head-loss system, powered by gravity, effective for most water and wastewater applications.

JMS Mega-VAC (Hoseless Sludge Removal System) Advantages

Process Advantages

  • Flow balancing diagonals for even intake across the header pipe result in efficient wall to wall sludge removal
  • Powered by hydraulic head differential lowers operational costs
  • Dual header maximizes solids removal, less water waste
  • Mega-VAC design eliminates the need for potentially problematic hoses

Experience Advantages

  • JMS applies over 50 years of experience to each Mega-VAC (Hoseless Sludge Removal System)
  • JMS product line can outfit the entire floc/sed basin for optimum results

Maintenance Advantages

  • Stainless steel and non-metallic for corrosion-resistance, and long life
  • Leading edge inlet orifices are designed to eliminate clogging
  • Proven cable reel design allows for easy cable adjustments and maintenance

A System With Drive

The cable drive system provides the muscle behind every Mega-VAC (Hoseless Sludge Removal System) unit at work today. This unit drives a shaft with dual cable drums attached. Each cable drum can rotate independently, allowing for easy cable tensioning at startup or during subsequent cable tensioning activity. The dependable Mega-VAC (Hoseless Sludge Removal System) system does not rely on friction or cable tension, so it is unaffected by cable stretch.

Two Heads are Better Than One

Utilizing a dual header design, with patented flow balancing diagonals, the Mega-VAC (Hoseless Sludge Removal System) takes process efficiency to new lengths . . . literally. The dual head design, removes sludge from the entire basin floor despite traveling only 55% its length. Less movement means reduced wear, increased longevity, and higher removal rates. Durability is also enhanced through the use of stainless steel and non-metallic components in all submerged parts of the Mega-VAC system.

Energy plows mounted on the leading edge of each header pipe impart energy into the sludge blanket as the header assembly travels the basin floor. That energy helps sludge thicken and encourages flow, for higher solids removal with less water waste.

Flow balancing diagonals, a JMS technology advancement, minimize the effect of the differential pressure across the headers, and have a balancing effect on flow entering each orifice. The result is more consistent sludge removal across the entire length of the header.

Mega-VAC (Hoseless Sludge Removal System) travel is guided by the basin walls, without the need for guide rails. Installation in new or existing basins is simplified, and there is no possibility of the unit coming off of its guide system. Supported by non-metallic wheels the assembly easily adjusts to minor variations in the basin floor.


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