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Cartridge Seal Systems

Cartridge Seal Systems

For rotary shaft sealing applications where reliability and long life are essential, a cartridge sealing system from James Walker can offer optimised performance when compared with traditional mechanical seal or packed gland options.

James Walker cartridge seal systems are designed to optimise shaft sealing and operational efficiency around each customer’s specific requirements, whether that is reduced leakage, extended seal life, predictable performance, simplified maintenance or overall reduced lifetime cost.

Pump shaft sealing – centrifugal process pumps

Traditional shaft sealing methods on process pumps have their drawbacks. It is well-known that compression packing is high maintenance, requiring continual adjustment to operate correctly and even then offers a relatively short life and the potential to cause wear to the pump shaft, particularly if it gets contaminated by abrasive process media.

KlickFixMechanical seals on the other hand should run maintenance-free if installed correctly but they have a high demand for flush water and offer no warning of the end of their life with sudden catastrophic failure causing unscheduled downtime and unwanted clean-up.

The KlickFix sequentially deployable sealing system from James Walker provides the ideal pump shaft sealing system for centrifugal and positive displacement process pumps, providing a predictable, reliable, long-life option that is simple to fit, can be refurbished on site by your own engineers and offers reduced flush water and power consumption over traditional sealing options.

With multiple sequentially deployable sealing elements the KlickFix pump shaft sealing system is a lower lifetime cost option that is already proving itself and generating interest across a number of applications in the paper and pulp, pharmaceutical, food and water industries.

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