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Insstek, Inc.

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5-Axis AM CAM|DED Machine|for multi-material

5-Axis AM CAM|DED Machine|for multi-material

Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Machine with DMT & 5-Axis AM CAM

Features of a  5-Axis AM CAM DED Machine

  • Accurate & Stable feeder for multi material fabrication
  • All in one system for fabrication
  • Accurate CVM powder feeding system applied
  • Easiest installation
  • Efficient inert gas control system
  • Compact size & efficient build volume

The feeder of the DED Machine with DMT & 5-Axis AM CAM includes -

  • Hexa feeding system for multi material
  • Real time feedback control
  • Feed rate range 0.03 - 20g/min (based on Ti)
  • Multi material fabrication
  • Minimum quantity control

Technical Data

Laser Type

Ytterbium Fiber Laser

Max. 2,000 (Rack Mount Type)

X/Y/Z Stroke (mm)

A/C Stroke (deg)

500 x 600 x 400

-100 ~ +100 / 360

Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)

1,450 x 1,950 x 2,350


Powder Feeding System

CVM Hexa-Powder Feeder

Control System

PC-based Control System with Touch Screen

DMT® Closed Loop Feedback Control System

Inert Gas Control System



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