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Industrial Magnetics

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Cylinder|Actuated Magnets|pick and place metal parts

Cylinder|Actuated Magnets|pick and place metal parts

Powerful And Efficient Magnetic Lifting

Our Patented Transporter® Cylinder Actuated (TPCA) Magnets utilizes powerful, Rare Earth, Permanent Magnet Circuitry to pick and place metal parts. These lifting magnets are often used in automated transfers or lift-assist material handling applications. TPCA's are designed to handle heavier parts than our TPLP (Transporter® Low Profile) series. Stamped, forged and hydro-formed parts or complete parts assemblies, TPCA's provide material handling safety while significantly minimizing shop air costs. Ideal for applications in Automotive under body parts, Lawn/Farm equipment components, Application pumps, compressors, motors, fan assemblies and more. You can often find our TPCA magnets replacing vacuum cups and grippers in common lifting and moving applications for steel sheets, blanks, stamped parts and complete assemblies.

Applications and Benefits:


  • Robotic "Pick and Place"


  • Manual and automated machine loading/unloading


  • Increases production and minimizes shop air costs


  • Designed for long, maintenance free operation


  • Operates effectively in any orientation


  • Will not drop parts if system air-loss occurs


  • Destacking (requires proper magnet selection)




  • Instantaneous pickup and release


  • Permanent magnet requires no electricity


  • Can be retrofitted on existing tooling


  • Positively holds parts - no dropping


  • 3:1 Design Factor


  • Magnetic Pistons, for Limit Switches, standard on TPCA300 - TPCA800 series

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