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Hydraulically Driven Submersible Pumps

Hydraulically Driven Submersible Pumps

Standard Features:

  • Water cooled diesel engine

  • Automatic engine shutdowns

  • Automatic shutdowns

  • Highway trailer with 60 hour fuel tank and adjustable leveling legs

  • Lifting frame

  • Accessible spin on hydraulic filters

  • Hoses with quick couplings

  • 12 Volt battery

  • Biodegradable vegetable oil

Optional Features:

  • Automatic engine oiler

  • Oil cooler

  • Electric motor


  • SELF PRIMING: No priming required so you don't have to worry about weekend & midnight shutdowns caused by lost prime due to vacuum leaks or mechanical failure of priming system

  • RUN DRY CAPABILITIES: Can run dry indefinitely; many suction lift pumps will suffer extensive damage if run dry which may result from a loss of prime or the pump can cycle excessively causing excessive wear to priming system components

  • VERTICAL LIFT: HDS pumps are the best choice for applications where a suction lift pump would require more than 15' of lift. Suction cavitation and discharge cavitation are generally not a decision factor. With larger diameter suction lift pumps operating at engine speed there is generally a lift limitation so that the pumps must be very close to the water or have flooded suction to perform

  • SAFE, CONVENIENT SET-UP AND FUELING: Power unit can be safely & conveniently located up to 100 yards from the pump for fueling and high and dry with less danger of "washing-in"

  • SOLID HANDLING CAPABILITY: Our submersible pumps will pass up to 4" solids

  • MORE TOLERANT OF IMPELLER WEAR: Performance of submersible pump impellers less problematic that self priming suction pumps which rely on close fitting parts for good suction. Whereas a HDS pump may be turning at 900rpm, motor/engine driven SLP pumps are often turning at 1800 rpm which puts exponentially more wear on the impeller

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