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The well-proven high-end motion control system If its high-end, its SIMOTION

Reduce time-to-market while boosting efficiency and flexibility – those are the challenges currently facing industry. Achieving this while maintaining or increasing product quality calls for machines that are especially powerful, versatile, and precise.

To compete on a global scale, industry requires powerful, versatile, and efficient motion control applications that work with precision. Machine builders have to adapt to these requirements and also continue to understand, implement, and reliably meet the very specific and individual requirements of their industrial customers.

The proven, modular, and scalable SIMOTION portfolio featuring high-end functions is the optimal solution for motion control applications in machine building when modularity, maximum precision, and speed are required. You can use SIMOTION to implement a wide variety of tasks and requirements with regard to motion control and adapt them for any industry with a motion control focus.

When modularity, maximum precision, and speed are required for applications in machine building, the modular and scalable SIMOTION motion control system featuring high-end functions is the optimal solution. Whether a cycle time of 125 μs is needed or machine concepts with a central, decentral, or mixed topology are implemented, the scalable hardware covers a wide range of offerings.

SIMOTION features optimal performance for all machine concepts as well as maximum modularity. With SCOUT TIA, you can rely on a consistent engineering that is integrated in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal). Drive-integrated SINAMICS safety functions are of course also available for your customized safety concepts.

With the new software versions, SIMOTION supports object-oriented programming (OOP), the OPC UA communication protocol, as well as user program tests in the engineering without hardware. Thereby, SIMOTION further optimizes its benefits with regard to modularity, openness, and efficient software development.

Scalable hardware

Take advantage of the full performance range from one axis to the high-performance multi-axis system with 128 axes. The different hardware versions enable you to continuously scale the performance.

Flexible topologies

In addition to central topologies, decentral topologies with several controllers are possible for nearly an unlimited number of synchronized axes.

Modular Machine & Software

The project generator transfers the benefits of modular software into the engineering. In addition, machine modules can be adapted during commissioning without engineering. Technology objects, deep drive integration, reusable modules, and object-oriented programming increase efficiency.

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