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Wireless Master PROFINET IO-Device

Wireless Master PROFINET IO-Device
  • Real-Time Ethernet - IO-Link Wireless Gateway
  • Compatible to IO-Link standards with comparable reliability
  • Supports up to 16 Wireless IO-Link Device simultaneously via two parallel transmission tracks
  • Scan mode, simple pairing of discoverable IO-Link devices
  • Wireless range of point-to-point communication up to 10 meter
  • Robust IP67 design - No ingress of dust or water

The netFIELD Device IO-Link technology platform integrates complex sensors or actors into Real-Time Ethernet (RTE) networks. The IO-Link Wireless Master combines reliable IO-link communication with the flexible wireless connectivity. IO-Link wireless equipment operates in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz ISM band and utilizes frequency hopping. As part of its technology platform, Hilscher combines established netX 90 technology with an embedded module which is equipped with a two tracks IO-Link Wireless Master.

The gateway converts PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT to IO-Link Wireless and vice versa.

Two parallel IO-Link Wireless transmission tracks enable simultaneous communication with up to 16 IO-Link Wireless Devices and reach 5ms as a minimum possible transmission cycle time per device.

Important functionalities like firmware download, authentication and IO-Link port configuration are enabled by an integrated webserver. In addition to the RTE protocol, the IO-Link Wireless Master provides an integrated OPC UA server for configuration and diagnostics in accordance to the official OPC-UA for IO-Link companion specification.

Beyond that, maintenance, diagnosis, identification or configuration are functional components via an integrated MQTT Client with JSON Integration for IO-link over MQTT definition.

It is a ready-to-use IP67 device and optimized for brand labelling. The netFIELD IO-Link Wireless Master provides connectivity and IO-Link level integration in harsh environments.

The wireless solution for machine or plant construction where wire-based solutions can't be used. In addition, it is perfectly suitable for flexible robotic applications as it enables a full range of motion. In general, the IO-Link Wireless Master is made for any use case where a reduction of wiring is required.

An IO-Link configuration tool for device engineering and accesses of complex IO device descriptions completes the seamless integration of IO-Link Wireless device into RTE networks.

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