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Slide gate valve w. fixed seats

Slide gate valve w. fixed seats

Our slide gate valve w. fixed seats :

Through conduit design, no retention areas, no pressure loss.

For continuous bi-directional sealing, increased lifetime, abrasive products like cracked gas

Type: 205

Functions – Slide gate valve w. fixed seats

shut off valve for in-line installation

Construction – Slide gate valve w. fixed seats

Construction materials: Carbon Steel (CS), Stainless Steel (SS)

Construction methods: Fabricated (Welded), Cast

Uses – Slide gate valve w. fixed seats

Service conditions: High temperature, Abrasion, Corrosion, High viscosity, Vacuum, Reliability

Types of fluids: Liquids, Liquids with solid particles – Slurry, Gas, Powder and powdery media, High viscosity fluids

Applications: Petrochemicals, General chemicals, Plastics and polymers


bi-directional tightness by metal-to-metal seat/gate contact

fixed seats, low maintenance

full bore, no fluid entry in body at full opening

through conduit design, no retention area, line pigging enabled

bolted stuffing box, self-adjusted with spring washers

PED 97/23/EC compliant


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