Automatic valves and actuators.

The production of semiconductors, flat screens and other microelectronic equipment requires special valves. GEMÜ is offering a complete range of for this industry. CleanStar, ultra pure valves in PFA-HP from DN 4-50 (1/4in to 2in), Pureplus, high-purity valves in PVDF-HP and PP-HP from DN 12-100 (1/2in to 4in), FlareStar, ultra pure fittings in PFA-HP from 1/4in to 1 1/4in, HydraLine, pressure measurement devices in PFA-HP from 1/4in to 1 1/4in and TubeStar, high purity PFA tubing from 1/4in to 1 1/4in.

Other Products

Control valves.

Wire Drawing Machines

Field bus products.

Measurement devices.