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Bespoke Tooling

Bespoke Tooling

Bespoke Tooling

ETG knows all too well the importance for our customers to have high-quality and robust jigs and fixtures. Having an innovative and creative approach to a client’s manufacturing problem is of paramount importance.

ETG fully understand that our customers’ needs are bespoke. Our experience working in multiple sectors is a crucial part to delivering a solution that best meets those requirements with a focus on the working environment, tolerances, volumes and the client’s experience and needs.

From concept design to final delivery of the tooling, it is our goal to ensure that the final solution will save both time and money. Early involvement from the customer’s team during the concept stage is vital and may reduce the need for manual tools.

We understand that the accuracy and repeatability of the tooling along with the operator’s understanding and use of the solution over its working life is an important element of the process. Tooling, jigs and fixtures are a critical part of the client’s need to succeed and will produce many gains in productivity and quality.

Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges and Body in White

As renowned global tooling providers, we have been producing tooling for the Automotive and Aerospace industries for more than 40 years now. In this time, we have supplied some global leaders and OEMs with engineering systems and solutions in all areas of tooling, giving us valuable high-end experiences and the foundations of our enviable reputation.

This places us in a prominent market position for the design and manufacture of tooling solutions for UK and worldwide manufacturers. We have the capacity for in-house design, manufacture and assembly, at our sites in Coventry and Tyne and Wear.

Expert regularly provides global tooling solutions in:

  • Body in White – framing systems, production tooling, prototype tooling
  • Gauges – PCF tooling, ring gauges, aperture gauges, CMM fixtures, setting fixtures
  • Composites and Wood – composite tooling, wood veneer, CNC fixtures
  • Small jigs and fixtures
  • Press tooling

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