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Wind turbines-DW52

Wind turbines-DW52

The DIRECTWIND 52 is a pitch-controlled, variable speed wind turbine optimized for distributed energy generation in medium wind speeds (wind class IIA). With its 52-metre rotor and range of tower heights, it is suitable for all locations – and particularly those with planning permission or tip-height restrictions.

Thanks to EWT’s continuous market-driven innovation, the DW52 delivers higher yields than other turbines in the same wind class. Our direct drive technology means fewer moving parts, so less maintenance and more availability. Meanwhile the aerodynamic rotor design ensures high efficiency and reduces noise.


Rotor diameter (metres) : 51.5

Variable rotor speed: min (rpm) : 12

Variable rotor speed: rated (rpm) : 22 (250 kW), 24 (500 kW), 26 (900 kW)

Hub heights (metres) : 35, 40 and 50

IEC wind class : IIA (up to 8.5 m/s average at hub height)

Cut-in wind speed (m/s) : 3

Cut-out wind speed (m/s 10-min average) : 25

Survival wind speed (m/s) : 59.5 m/s

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