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Ever Elettronica srl

Integrated Servomotor SM2A

Integrated servomotor SM2A is the programmable drive with integrated motor. SM2A closed loop integrated systems are the high performance devices, consisting of a Full Digital drive based on the precise pwm technology embedded in the f4d2 firmware to control the sinusoidal current, a 50 poles high torque motor and an optional encoder to control the torque, velocity and position of the motor in open as well as in closed loop for less noise, less heating, smooth motions and energy saving.

Integrated servomotor SM2A contains energy saving characteristics. They have low motor vibration and include protection class IP65. Other characteristics include no resonance, low heat production, low mechanical noise, wide power range, AC/DC power supply, closed loop of torque, velocity and position.

Multiple control modes

Equipped with Advanced Security Features:


  • Tested for direct unit installation
  • Built-in watchdog function
  • Malfunctions monitoring and handling
  • Buffering and on the field management of errors
  • Separated AC power supply for logic and power

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