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Ever Elettronica srl

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High Efficiency Stepper Motors

High Efficiency Stepper Motors

High efficiency stepper motors are new 2/4 phases stepper motors series that provides advanced performances. High efficiency means up to 40% higher torque and a better torque supply with same mechanical sizes. We are one of the best stepper motors manufactures across the globe.

Characteristics of these stepper motors:

  • Well-finished and more precise construction
  • High quality components and possible customizations
  • Suitable for many different purposes

Main Motor’s Characteristics:

  • Low vibrations and resonances
  • F class wirings and high reliable magnetic materials
  • Excellent dynamic torque
  • Long lasting and high reliable bearings
  • Customization possibility also for small quantities

Advanced construction solutions:

  • up to 40% torque increase than standard motors

With same winding and mechanical size

  • Motor stator and rotor with optimized teeth air gap

For a better torque supply during rotation

  • Up to IP67 protection class
  • High voltage versions and/or with different

Insulation classes

  • motors in stock for quick deliveries

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