Ever Elettronica srl

Ever Elettronica srl

SW4 Ether CAT Stepper Motor Drivers

Stepper motor drivers, SW4 drives of Titanio series are based on Arm Core M4 technology. These stepper motor drivers are the programmable solution to control stepper motors with an accuracy, smoothness and noiseless never seen before for a stepper driver. The sinusoidal phase current with 'ELSE' technology keep the motor torque constant allowing smooth and noiseless movements.

Stepper motor drivers are available in compact sizes and they have high reliability. The main features of these motor drivers include low heat generation, high efficiency current set up, vectorial control, closed loop, auto tuning of motor control parameters.

Multiform Control Modes

Equipped with advanced safety features:


  • Integrated diagnostic
  • Separated power supply for logic and power
  • Fault monitoring and handling

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