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Automatic|Power Factor Correction|for Industrial use

Automatic|Power Factor Correction|for Industrial use

The EnergyAce range of Power Factor Correction systems have been designed to address the challenges found in many of today’s diverse power needs and encompass many years of development and experience to deliver reliable and cost effective energy saving solutions world-wide


~ Heavy Duty Long Life Vishay Capacitors Minimum 440v (525v Detuned)

~ Heavy Duty Long Life Detuning Reactors (189Hz Detuned)

~ Correction to 1.00pf (100% Efficiency)

~ Automatic Plug & Play Set Up (No Need for Commissioning)

~ Installer Friendly Design for Ease of Installation

~ Power Factor Display, Harmonic Alarm and Multi Meter Function

~ Fully Extendable for Future Expansion

~ Flexibility in Manufacture, Dimensions & Rating

~ High Overload Capability

~ Protection Systems

~ Reassuringly Long Warranties

~ Low Maintenance

~ Maintenance Friendly Design with Accessible Components

~ Wide Range of Models to Suit All Environments & Performance Requirements

~ Standard Range 1kVAr to 1000kVAr


~ Reduces Energy Consumption - kw/h losses

~ Removes Reactive Power Charge Penalties on Energy Bills

~ Reduces Availability & Capacity Charges on Energy Bills

~ Reduces Maximum Demand based Charges on Energy Bills

~ Improves Renewable Generation

~ Reduces Carbon Emissions

~ Reduces Circuit Currents & Allows For Connection of Additional Loads

~ Reduces Maintenance Costs

~ Eligible for Grant Funding (contact our office for further information)

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