Company : ELAP S.P.A.

Category : Test and Measurement

Linear motion potentiometer

The new linear motion potentiometer series PR and PR2S has a round section case and strokes varing between 25 and 150 mm.

Linear motion potentiometers are one among ELAP linear transducers range. ELAP linear transducers range also includes optical scales, digital transducers, magnetic transducers, wire transducers apart from linear motion potentiometers. The range of linear motion potentiometers includes a variety of mechanical sizes, strokes, resistive values and mounting fittings. Linear motion potentiometers provide excellent independent linearity and virtually endless life. The stout aluminium case of linear motion potentiometers provides high degree of protection against environmental agents. Linear motion potentiometers specifications includes: . Strokes from 25 to 950 mm . Conductive plastic resistive element

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