Company : ELAP S.P.A.

Category : Test and Measurement

ELAP Counting and Control Equipment

ELAP offers an extensive range of linear and rotary, incremental and absolute position sensors: encoders, linear scales, potentiometers, digital and magnetic transducers

Elap has a range of counting and control equipment to offer. ELAP counting and control equipment range offers three series of versatile multipurpose devices. Readouts series VD3 and VD4 of the counting and control equipment display voltage, current, speed, angular or linear positions. These counting and control equipment also shows physical or chemical measures which can be converted into an electrical signal. Elap counting and control equipment can be easily applied to operating machines. Varied industrial fields apply the company manufactured counting and control equipments. Industries of working machinery, glass, wood, paper-machinery, plastic and textile machines, food-processing and many more widely use counting and control equipment from Elap. Counting and control equipments from Elap give out perfect accuracy. Low maintenance and error free service are ensured with counting and control equipment.

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