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BV3L/BV3LZ MultiWay Diverter Valve

BV3L/BV3LZ MultiWay Diverter Valve

The BV3L is an economical U.S. made diverter valve for Filter Duplexing type applications where one input is directed to one of two outputs. Standard “L-Bore” ball with slight port overlap prevents upstream pressure spikes during phase change.

  • Straight, non-spherical ball passage improves laminar flow

  • Large “L-bore” standard ball porting for low rp & improved Cv

  • Engineered for reliable operation in hydraulic return line applications

  • Derived from field-proven BVAL for 600 PSI service, Made in U.S.A.

  • Standard with Teflon™ (PTFE) Ball Seals for wide fluid applicability

  • Accepts full array of DMIC Pre-Engineered Accessories

  • Fully serviceable o-ring sealed design, optional EPR for Skydrol systems

  • ¼" to 2" rated at 600 PSI, 2½ + rated at 400 PSI.

  • Valve series rating valid for near zero leak design.

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