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Comefri USA, Inc.

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Industrial Process Fans-DP BLOWER

Industrial Process Fans-DP BLOWER


  • Direct drive, very high pressure, low volume blower design.

  • Steel wheel, in 18 inch through 36 inch diameters, fully welded with radial blades design.

  • Being a radial bladed wheel it is self-cleaning.

  • Housing is manufactured of carbon steel, continuously welded and appropriately reinforced.

  • Maximum operating temperature for standard fan execution is 175 degrees F.


  • Very suitable for applications up to 72 inches WG SP and 20,000CFM.

  • Flat fan performance curve make DP Blower ideal for OEM and other industrial applications requiring a high pressure fan.

  • Can be utilized for the treatment of air containing granular particles or dust.

  • Fan is suitable to be oriented by 45 degree steps.

  • Fan is available in AMCA arrangements #4 & #8. At special request a belt drive arrangement #1 fan design is available.

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