EtherCAT Industrial Remote Control Systems

The AMI5000 EtherCAT® Remote Pendant is integrated with the latest EtherCAT® fieldbus technology, which reduces the overall cable size and weight of the pendant to make it easier to move and operate. In order to withstand in high impact and tough industrial environments, the durable plastic composite body is built, making it ideal for demanding conditions and applications.

To carryout specialized applications using EtherCAT® Industrial Remote Control Systems and Industrial Remote Control & Communication Systems, customers have the option to customize all button graphics and functions.

The AMI5000 EtherCAT® Remote Pendant contains a magnetic cradle that helps to quick access and storage. This is designed to connect to any machine. EtherCAT® Remote Pendant modern control systems features an 18pin circular connector, 100 Mbps, 24VDC and up to a 10m cable and they also come with a dual channel hold-to-run button for enhanced safety. The 16 control buttons and MPG hand wheel allow easy operation with the extra safety feature of a dual channel emergency stop button at the top of the remote pendant.

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