ANA Digi Systems

ANA Digi Systems

Unit 8 Canal Edge 2, Tyger Waterfront,
Bellville, Cape Town 7530

Industrial Servo Drive & Motor L7 Series

Industrial Servo Drive & Motor L7 Series

L7 Series

  • High resolution serial type encoder (~19bit) – Accurate position control and improved stability at low speed

  • Motion network type(EtherCAT)-XDL N Series

  • 100BASE-TX(100Mbps) Ethernet based real-time communication

  • Supports full-closed control (Network type)

  • Serial communication (RS-422/485, Modbus)

  • Supports various operation modes (CSP, CSV, CST, PP, PV, PT, HM, IP)

  • Safe torque off function

  • Linked with LSIS’s XGT PLC

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