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Alliance Concrete Pumps Inc.

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33 Meter Roll-Fold Boom Pumps

33 Meter Roll-Fold Boom Pumps


Our 33 Meter Roll-Fold features one of the most desirable outrigger designs in the industry. The small footprint maintains maximum stability allowing operators to easily navigate cluttered jobsites.

Hydraulic System with Manual Overrides

Our pumps feature an adaptive hydraulic system, giving you the confidence to get the job done, even in emergency situations. In the event of an electrical malfunction, the entire system can continue to pump in a manual mode.

Split Panel Electrical System

The electrical system is extremely user friendly. The smaller switch panel at the rear of the pump minimizes clutter and eliminates long wiring looms that deteriorate with time.

Optioned to Suit Your Needs

We have every option available to accommodate your specific needs. From different lighting kits and splash guards to custom paint, graphics and design, we will ensure your concrete pump is outfitted for the kinds of work you do.

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