Air operated Pinch Valves

Air operated Pinch Valve allows Free flow of product, minimum frictional resistance, 100% leak free, no blockages and low net weight. Air operated Pinch Valve is a flattened and elliptical casing design of all flanged types ensures minimum compressed air consumption. This results in energy savings and ensures a specified, lipped fold pattern to the sleeve of the air operated Pinch Valve. This specific, lipped fold pattern in the Air operated Pinch Valves ensures the complete sealing of the product flow. Even large solids are enclosed by the sleeve in the air operated Pinch Valves and are thus tightly sealed.

Sleeve materials and connection options

A wide range of different rubber / sleeve-, body materials, flange- and socket end materials such as internal thread, tri-clamp, weld-on ends, RJT connection or threaded hose nozzles, are available at our AKO website.

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