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SmartLine™ Tote & Carton Conveyor

SmartLine™ Tote & Carton Conveyor

SmartLine™ Tote & Carton Conveyor

The perfect warehousing all-rounder

The Advance SmartLine™ Tote and Carton Conveyors is an innovative zero-line pressure system (what is zero line pressure?) which is flexible, modular and efficient to run. It is based on 24v DC drives with options of round and V belt drives to drive individual zones and provides cost-effective accumulation and control of cartons/totes for many end of line warehousing systems.

The system can be controlled with a variety of integrated modules pre-fitted to allow  running self-contained or on ASI, Profibus and Profinet with PLC control. Many control options can be integrated to provide anything from basic routing to unit tracking and reporting allowing integration with WCS and WMS systems.

Highly Energy Efficient

SmartLine™ zero line pressure accumulation conveyors fitted with Interfold Roller Drives are extremely energy-efficient, as individual modules only run when product is present. Once product moves off, the conveyor modules no longer run but remain ready for transporting product. 

Compared with this, a typical zero pressure accumulation conveyor with a flat belt or line shaft has much higher energy consumption and noise emissions. 

Integration options

Control options are similar to those included in the SmartLine™ Pallet Conveyor and SmartLine™ Stainless Conveyor systems, which makes it easy to combine other systems with the pallet conveyor system for a turnkey solution. Additional equipment, such as a tote stacker or destacker can also be manufactured to suit your requirements.

All systems can be fully mechanically and electrically installed by experienced engineers.

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