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Tandem Hydraulic Gear Pump B3D Series

Tandem Hydraulic Gear Pump B3D Series

This is a Tandem hydraulic gear pump with bidirectional sense of flow and also side outlet, in addition it is prepared for UNI gear pumps mounting.

B3D series goes from 38cc/rot (2.3in3/rot) to 125cc/rot (7.6in3/rot) and most of all it is:

  • Medium size

  • Fast

  • Assembled up to three pumps

  • Bidirectional

In conclusion B3D series Hydraulic Gear Pump is also available with many Flange and Axle options:

  • DIN 5462 or DIN 5463 UNI

  • DIN 9611 agricultural

  • SAE B 4 bolts or SAE B 2 bolts

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