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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Organized by:
- Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine
- International Exhibition Center

Today, the energy factor is a determinant of the development of the economic situation in Ukraine. Managers responsible for decision-making at the national, regional and local levels are to seek effective sectoral reforms, implement large-scale energy efficiency programs and energy-efficient technologies at production companies of all economic sectors.

In the new economic environment, XIII International Trade Fair "Power Engineering for Industry - 2015" is called to become the central energy sector event to showcase the latest achievements in development and production of energy-efficient equipment and innovative technologies, as well as to become the major consolidating event to facilitate efficient sector cooperation, constructive dialogue between business and government.

International Trade Fair "Power Engineering for Industry" is held within the framework of the International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: Present and Future" at the instruction of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and under the authority of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine. It retains its leadership position and recognized authority of the professional community to present the hallmark of the energy sector of Ukraine.

The trade fair visitors and exhibitors have got the unique opportunity to participate in the discussion of the present and the future of Ukrainian energy sector, to meet high ranked sector representatives - heads of government authorities, top managers of power generation, transmission and distribution companies, leaders of electrical, instrumentation, power engineering industries, leading scientists, experts, professionals of different industries and infrastructure facilities, finance and investment companies.

Participation of Ukrainian and foreign exhibitors: developers, manufacturers, suppliers of new technologies and efficient electrical and power engineering equipment, lighting, power electronics, cables and wires, information and automation technologies, will present confirmation of their willingness and readiness to exploit their innovative potential in the reformation and modernization of the Ukrainian energy sector.

The All-Ukrainian Power Engineers Workshop which 2014 first edition was marked with great success will gather power engineering professional of different industries to spread progressive experience of effective industrial energy management and use of energy-saving technologies, reduce of energy costs of production, rise of service life and efficiency of the power engineering and electrical equipment, and other innovative solutions.

We invite you to participate in the XIII International Trade Fair "Power Engineering for Industry – 2015", the II All-Ukrainian Power Engineers Workshop, the XIII International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: the Present and the Future".

International Exhibition Centre:
Ukraine, Kyiv, Brovarsky Ave, 15, “Livoberezhna” underground station

tel./fax +380 (44) 201-11-57, 201-11-67, 201-11-78, 206-87-96


Generators, synchronous condensers and motors
Power transformers, auto-transformers, reactors
High voltage switches, protection equipment
Instrument transformers
High voltage switchgear
Power conversion equipment, electronics
Package substations
Medium, low voltage switchgear and switchboard
Standby power supply systems
Explosion-proof electrical equipment (Ex)
Earthing, lightning protection, electrical protection systems
Electrical isolation of power supply systems

Overhead power lines. Poles, insulators
Hardware, surge protection equipment
Power, control cables
Self-supporting insulated wire
Special purpose cables and wires
Cable support systems
Cable tools and accessories

Industrial light fixtures: wall, pendant, ceiling, emergency, waterproof, explosion-proof, outdoor
Light sources: LED, fluorescent, halogen lamps
Components, wiring accessories

Power, industrial boilers
Steam turbines, hydraulic turbines
Gas turbines, combined-cycle gas turbines (CCGT), compressors, blowers
Nuclear island equipment
Heat/energy recovery units
Heat exchangers
Auxiliary boiler and turbine equipment
Industrial burners, combustion systems
Power plant valves, pipes, fittings
Thermal insulation of power equipment and heating networks

Oil & Gas
Exploration, drilling, well completion
Handling, transportation, storage, processing
LNG processing, transportation, storage
Coal And Uran Mining
Vertical shaft boring machines and equipment
Shaft sinking equipment
Shaft hoisting systems
Winding and winches
Underground mining transportation systems
Open pit mining equipment
Enriching and processing equipment

Process automation system (PAS) of power plant, generating unit, electrical substation
SCADA systems
Automated energy metering systems
Power and electrical equipment condition monitoring and diagnostics
Relay protection and control systems
Automation and control IT, network technologies
Special instrumentation and tools

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