M3MH:The complete measurement software for machine tool

6 December 2018

Innovalia Metrology, the metrology unit of the Innovalia Group, has presented M3MH, the new measurement software for machine tool.

Having advanced measurement capabilities in the machine tool itself and being able to manage them easilyis the dream of any mechanizer, as it directly contributes to the reduction of the number of defects.

Knowing this fact, companies in the sector have been developing different solutions for many years, most of them based on G-codes to maintain the sector's language, which, apart from subtracting functionality, makes the solution much more expensive.

M3MH is a measurement software that allows to verify, to set up and to measure in a very easy way. Innovalia Metrology, with M3MH stablish a direct communication with the machine tool control from the measurement software itself.

M3MH is breaking the current paradigm of charging functions and offers a complete measurement software that allows the user to control the machine tool from a computer. From M3MH, the software with an intuitive graphical interface, the user can perform all the functions of a complete measurement software.

Step 1 Verification: Automaticprogramming

Step 2 Verification: Measuringthetetraedron

Step 3 Verification: Compensation and conclusion

Apart from doing the verification and the set-up, MM3H offers complete measuring capabilities including: CAD programming, automated measurement plans, alignments, tool offset and customized reports.

M3MH allows us to do off-line programming, connect with the machine control and communicate the commands to carry out the programmed measurement plan. By performing such a complete quality management during the process, the feedback is immediate and makes the continuous adjustment of production possible.

Step 1 Measurement: CAD measurement plan programming

Step 2 Measurement: Measuring in machine tool

Step 3 Measurement: Comparison against CAD and automatic report generation

The inspection that M3MH proposes allows the continuous visualization of errors in production, this is what is already translating into a clear optimization of the process.

The combination of M3MH with the verification artifacts helps to maximize the performance and accuracy of any machine tool, becoming a reference of Innovalia's commitment to problem-oriented technological development.

If you want to know more about M3MH and see a demo, please head to