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Hollysys Automation Technologies announces a Significant Contract Win to Provide Its Proprietary Distributed Control System for 2x1000MW Ultra-Supercritical Coal Fire Power Generating Units

Wednesday, Mar 25, 2015

Hollysys Automation Technologies, Ltd., a leading provider of automation and control technologies and applications in China, announced today that it has won a contract to provide its proprietary Distributed Control System ("DCS") for 2×1000MW ultra-supercritical thermal power generating units to Datang Sanmenxia Power Plant. The units are expected to be placed into operation around September 2016.

The 2×1000MW ultra-supercritical thermal power generating units of Datang Sanmenxia Power Plant is a key project in Henan Province, which is funded and constructed by China Datang Corporation. In this project, Hollysys' DCS will control more than 25,000 points and the ProfiBus will control over 4,500 distributed devices for the two GW level generating units. In addition, the HAMS (HolliAS Asset Management System) perform as a central platform which is easy to integrate with other systems such as SIS, ERP, and MES.

Hollysys' management commented: "We feel honored and pleasant of this contract win, which reflects the customer's recognition of our leading technology, superior solution, and high quality products and service. This is another GW level ultra-supercritical power plant DCS contract win by Hollysys, which strengthened our high-end market position. Going forward, we will continue to penetrate the high-end market of power industry and other industries, strengthen customer service, expand market share horizontally and total solution supply vertically, promote our long term DCS business growth, and create value for our customers and shareholders."

About Hollysys Automation Technologies, Ltd.

Hollysys Automation Technologies is a leading provider of automation and control technologies and applications in China that enables its diversified industry and utility customers to improve operating safety, reliability, and efficiency. Founded in 1993, Hollysys has approximately 3,600 employees with nationwide presence in over 60 cities in China, with subsidiaries and offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, India, and serves over 5,000 customers more than 20,000 projects in the industrial, railway, subway & nuclear industries in China, South-East Asia, and the Middle East. Its proprietary technologies are applied in its industrial automation solution suite including DCS (Distributed Control System), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), RMIS (Real-time Management Information System), HAMS (HolliAS Asset Management System), OTS (Operator Training System), HolliAS BATCH (Batch Application Package), HolliAS APC Suite (Advanced Process Control Package), SIS (Safety Instrumentation System), high-speed railway signaling system of TCC (Train Control Center), ATP (Automatic Train Protection), Subway Supervisory and Control platform, SCADA (Surveillance Control and Data Acquisition), nuclear power plant automation and control system and other products.

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