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Brooks Automation introduces BioStore III Cryo Automated Cryogenic Sample Management System

Thursday, Apr 30, 2015

Brooks Automation, Inc., the global leader in automated cold-chain sample management for drug discovery and biostorage applications, announced the introduction of the BioStore™ III Cryo, an automated cryogenic sample management system. BioStore III Cryo introduces automation to the largest segment of bio-samples being stored, which currently relies on manual cryo storage systems.

BioStore III Cryo incorporates sample monitoring, tracking, and inventory control with the industry's standard cryo storage vessel. The system can access virtually any type of sample within a cryobox format and retrieve a box of samples in less than 60 seconds. Meanwhile, the other samples stored within the liquid nitrogen system are maintained at a temperature below -135° C at all times. The highly ergonomic design and built-in user safety features of the BioStore III Cryo system provide new and significant benefits over traditional, manual cryo storage systems.

"BioStore III Cryo is a new cryogenic storage system that offers sample automation, cold chain management, and improved security and accessibility while maintaining sample protection within a liquid nitrogen environment," said Dusty Tenney, president of Brooks Life Science Systems. "The BioStore III Cryo provides customers who need biological sample storage with a solution that combines the highest sample protection, improved chain of custody management, and a superior user experience - all at an affordable price."

The new system was developed in collaboration with Chart Industries, the leading provider of manual cryo storage systems.

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