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2nd Annual District Cooling and Tri-generation Summit 2016 – “Envisioning the potential of renewable Energy & smart technology for District Cooling and Tri-generation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

More sustainable, energy efficient and cost effective methods of cooling is what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is looking for and which is the need of the hour. District Cooling, Cogeneration and Trigeneration play a vital role in energy efficiency and emission reductions. These technologies are also important because of their versatility they can increase the efficiencies of renewable as well as fossil fuel energy sources, and are suited for small, medium and large-scale applications.

Nispana’s most awaited 2nd Annual District Cooling and Tri-generation an initiative by Nispana’s workshop, Training & conference Division commenced today at the Riyadh Marriot Hotel, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Global experts in the District cooling and Tri-generation industry. An overwhelming global participation was witnessed on the Day 1 of the conference.

Mr. George Berbari, CEO, DC PRO Engineering shared his views on the transition from traditional Electric to Tri-generation & Renewables for District Cooling.

Dr. Marc Vermeersch, Kaust discussed the integration of solar technologies for advanced cooling and desalination processes: key advantages, hurdles and way forward. This gave light to the much required need of solar energy utilization in the Kingdom.

Salah S. Nezar from Qatar Project Management focused more on innovative solar open air cooling  solution for hot and humid climate.

Habeebulla Khan from Source Energy gave light to the current need for Tri-generation and district cooling in Saudi Arabia.

Syed ParvezWali, Radian Oil and Gas Services Company – spoke on “WCTI – Near Zero Blow Down Water Treatment technology for cooling tower”

Muhammad Hafeezur Rahman from the Royal Commission of Jubail discussed more on power system planning, operations & maintenance in Jubail Industrial City.

The vision of the “2nd Annual District cooling and Tri-generation Workshop 2016” was directed towards the advancements of the concept of district cooling and its need in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to the technical papers presented DC PRO Engineering will be running a very exclusive workshop on Tri-generation on the 5th of May 2016.