Timely delivery of new cross-conveyor system by Tenova TAKRAF


Timely delivery of new cross-conveyor system by Tenova TAKRAF to Vattenfall mine

Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015

Tenova TAKRAF completed the delivery and installation of a new cross conveyor system for the F60 overburden conveyor bridge at the Vattenfall mine in Welzow within 10 months of the order.

TAKRAF GmbH received the order from Vattenfall Europe Mining AG in August 2014 for the supply and installation of the new cross-conveyor system for the F60 conveyor bridge in the open cast mine at Welzow-Süd/Brandenburg. The scope of services included the fabrication/ conversion of hopper cars and chassis as well as the scrapping of system components, which were no longer needed.

Though the supply schedule was challenging, TAKRAF was able to deliver the system within ten months as planned. Following the award of the contract, TAKRAF started production immediately with the first parts arriving at the site after five months. Working in close coordination with the fabrication and erection teams, the company was able to manage all operational challenges to meet the demanding schedule. The hopper cars were relocated from April 2015 onwards, helping achieve an important milestone on time for the mine operation.

The next milestone was in May 2015, again achieved on schedule, when the complete conveyor bridge was moved by about 10m to couple the new cross-conveyor system to the bridge. The cross-conveyor system had been further assembled by the end of June 2015. The scrapping, conversion and adaptation work, carried out in parallel, was executed with the help of a TAKRAF transport crawler with a load capacity of 250 tonnes, which had been supplied by TAKRAF to Vattenfall earlier. TAKRAF’s scope of work also included the renovation of the lubrication system as well as corrosion protection at the construction site.

The contract was successfully realised by the project team consisting of engineering, fabrication and site erection personnel within the pre-determined schedule, with the project benefitting from their expertise developed over many years in complex reconstruction and modernisation works. The cross-conveyor system was completed in June 2015. After three days of commissioning of the conveyor bridge complex by experts from Vattenfall, the conveyor bridge went back into mine service.

TAKRAF is now working on another project at Vattenfall involving the large bogie and roller table on the F60 conveyor bridge at the Nochten open cast mine.

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