Siemens delivers 690-MW HelWin 2 offshore wind grid link


Siemens delivers 690-MW HelWin 2 offshore wind grid link

Tuesday, Jun 23, 2015

Siemens AG said today it has delivered the 690-MW HelWin 2 offshore wind grid connection in the North Sea to its customer -- German-Dutch transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT.

This is the fourth such high voltage direct current (HVDC) grid link completed by the German engineering major on behalf of TenneT. The previous three, the 800-MW BorWin 2, 576-MW HelWin 1 and 864-MW Sylwin 1 links, were handed over to TenneT in late January, early February and late April 2015, respectively. Siemens realised the projects in a consortium with Italian cable specialist Prysmian.

Together with HelWin 2, the four grid connections are able to supply about 4 million German homes with power. HelWin 2 alone can transmit enough electricity for nearly 900,000 households.

Meanwhile, Siemens and Petrofac were contracted by TenneT for a fifth link -- the 900-MW BorWin 3, which is expected to achieve commercial operation in 2019.

Germany’s goal is to have 6.5 GW of offshore wind power capacity installed by 2020.

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