Sealevel Systems and ADLINK announce Partnership


Sealevel Systems and ADLINK announce Partnership for Computer-on-Module Solutions

Thursday, May 07, 2015

ADLINK's COM products provide the generic computing engine along with storage, Ethernet, keyboard/mouse and display common to most applications. The modular architecture allows future upgrade of the processor subsystem and offers superior life cycle management of systems and applications. ADLINK's computer-on-modules are available based on COM Express®, Qseven® and SMARC® specifications.

Sealevel's custom carrier boards provide the application-specific circuitry particular to a customer's unique application. Common I/O carrier board features can include serial, digital and analog I/O, all of which can be designed to meet the I/O count, voltage ranges and connector types required by the application.

"Using ADLINK computer-on-modules accelerates the design process and allows Sealevel to focus on our core competencies of I/O and system-level design," said Ben O'Hanlan, president of Sealevel. "ADLINK modules provide the latest computing technology with the reliability our customers demand."

"Sealevel's expertise in I/O and custom system design compliments our COM architecture by providing customers a trusted resource to supplement their in-house engineering capabilities," said Elizabeth Campbell, general manager of ADLINK. "The combination of ADLINK's rugged next-generation COM modules with a Sealevel custom carrier board can provide significant competitive advantages."

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