Okuma introduces interactive Industry Parts Viewer for CNC machine tools

Thursday, Jul 23, 2015

Okuma America announced the interactive Industry Parts Viewer  that provides users with a view of industry-specific assemblies and parts. The viewer allows users to choose from automotive, aerospace and oil and energy industries to explore component parts and the CNC machine used for cutting each specific part.

Users select an industry, choose a particular assembly, and then click on a part to learn more. Once a part is selected, it’s shown in a three-dimensional view and rotates 360° allowing it to be explored from various angles. The Okuma CNC machines used to cut the part are also listed on a menu detailing machine and partner value added features, specifications and Intelligent Technologies.

Assemblies included in the program are:

Automotive – engine, brake, suspension, drive-train
Aerospace – environmental, flight control, landing gear, structural, engine
Oil/Energy – oil rig, hydraulic fracturing, pump jack

In addition to sourcing technology for parts, the Industry Parts Viewer is also a useful tool in educational settings where it can be used to see how CNC machine tool manufacturing contributes to everyday life.

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