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Siemens bags $50 Million GIS Substations contract from Bihar Grid Co, India

Saturday, Dec 13, 2014

Siemens Ltd. said it had recently won an order worth around $50 Million(Rs.317 crore) from Bihar Grid Co. Ltd. (BGCL) for setting up of 220kV and 132kV GIS substations on turnkey basis. The order from BGCL also marks the establishment of the first 220kV GIS in the state of Bihar.

BHGCL was formed by the Bihar Government in a joint venture with Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. for strengthening and augmenting the transmission system in the state. It is expected that more than 6000 MW electricity will be available to the state from different sources by 2017. The state-wide transmission of this bulk power will require construction of new transmission grids, substations and transmission lines of 400/220/132kV levels.

Proper handling and transmission of bulk power is important for state utilities to maintain a stable and assured supply of power, which is crucial for attracting industrial investments. Siemens' cost-effective solutions for transmission and distribution of bulk power such as Gas Insulated Switchgear provide a trouble free and reliable service to state utilities, the company said.

At the BSE, Siemens closed Friday's trading at Rs.885.40, down 1.91 percent from the previous close.


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