Dwyer introduces Model UHH2 handheld tester

Monday, Jun 22, 2015

Dwyer Instruments introduces Model UHH2 handheld tester that accepts inputs from wireless anemometer, hygrometer, and pressure probes.

The Model UHH2 provides the functionality and versatility of the Mobile Meter Software App on a rugged IP68 Android based handheld. Wireless anemometer, hygrometer, and pressure probes communicate to the handheld using Bluetooth SIG, Inc. wireless technology and can all be displayed simultaneously.

Each UHH2 includes a UHH2 handheld base unit, UHH-BTG wireless mobile gateway, two USB charging cables, charging block, mini-screwdriver, user manual, and headphones. Series AQTIA offers the Model UHH2 accompanied by a wireless probe or module. The Model UHH2 is priced at $595.00.

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