Datel introduces LVR-7815 linear voltage regulators

Monday, Jun 22, 2015

Datel introduces LVR-7815 linear voltage regulators that can deliver over 0.5 amps of output power. The LVR-7815 is housed in a hermetically sealed ceramic package that makes it impervious to humidity and the perfect choice to be used in applications where humidity is a concern.?

The LVR-7815 is a 15 Volt positive fixed voltage regulator. Each unit is 100 percent tested for all grades and across one of three standard temperature ranges: 0 to +70ºC; –40 to +100ºC; –55 to +125ºC.

All protective features are designed into the circuit including thermal shutdown, current limiting, and safe–area control. The LVR-7815 regulators are internally trimmed to provide a nominal voltage accuracy of 1%. Other output voltages, ranging from +1.8V, +2.4V, +5V, are also available. RoHS and non-RoHS configurations are available.

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