AXT acquires Automated Equipment from Hitachi Metals


AXT acquires Automated Equipment from Hitachi Metals

Friday, Oct 30, 2015

AXT, Inc., a leading manufacturer of compound semiconductor substrates, today announced that it has acquired highly automated processing and cleaning equipment for GaAs substrates from Hitachi Metals.

The highly tuned production line includes automated equipment for wax mounting/demounting, edge grinding, wafer sawing, polishing and cleaning. In addition, AXT licensed from Hitachi Metals associated technical information and applicable patents intended to enable AXT to use the equipment in full production. The equipment has been uninstalled in Japan and shipped to AXT's production facility in Beijing, China where it is currently being installed. SCIOCS, the related spin-off from Hitachi Metals, will assist in the installation and optimization process. This production line is ideally suited for 4" and 6" GaAs and InP manufacturing processes and AXT intends to supply such GaAs substrates to SCIOCS and other customers.

"This acquisition comes at a time when AXT is making a concerted effort to invest in automated manufacturing equipment to increase sales of its InP substrates and 6" semi-insulating GaAs substrates," said Dr. Morris Young, AXT's chief executive officer. "We plan to leverage the automation and manufacturing technology acquired to further enhance our product quality and consistency. We are highly appreciative of the multi-faceted partnership between the two companies."

The terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed. However, it is not expected to have a meaningful impact on the cost of operations going forward.

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