Industrial Ethernet Switch

Industrial grade Ethernet Switches are explicitly intended to associate gadgets in network conditions that are dependent upon outrageous working temperatures of - 40°C to 75°C, vibrations, and shocks.

Uses of Induatrial Ethernet Switch in various industry
  • Keeping your network connected
  • Resisting harsh environmental conditions
  • Reducing noise and interference
  • Providing an unmanaged switch option
  • Delivering advanced managed switch capabilities
Advantages of Industrial Ethernet Switch
  • They increment the accessible transfer speed of the organization.
  • They help in lessening responsibility on individual host PCs.
  • They increment the exhibition of the organization.
  • Networks which use switches will have less edge crashes. This is because of the way that switches make crash areas for every association.
  • Switches can be associated straightforwardly to workstations.
Disadvantages of Industrial Ethernet Switch
  • They are more expensive compare to network bridges.
  • Network connectivity issues are difficult to be traced through the network switch.
  • Broadcast traffic may be troublesome.
  • If switches are in promiscuous mode, they are vulnerable to security attacks e.g. spoofing IP address or capturing of ethernet frames.
  • Proper design and configuration is needed in order to handle multicast packets.
  • While limiting broadcasts, they are not as good as routers.

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