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Conventional Gate Globe Check Valve & Strainer

Yancheng SNY Valve Co.,Ltd.
Yancheng SNY Valve Co.,Ltd.

Gate Globe Check Valve

SNY VALVE, a professional China manufacturer of industrial Gate, Globe, Check and Ball valves ranging in sizes from 1/4" through 60" ANSI Class 150 thru 2500 lbs. The valves are designed & manufactured to ANSI, ASTM, API, BS, ISO & MSS specifications from Carbon (cast and forged), Stainless (cast and forged including Duplex and Super Duplex products), and other alloys (low alloy steels, Inconel, Monel & Hastelloy). SNY's valves are used in various applications in Oil & Gas, petrochemical, Power Plant, and Pipeline Transmission Industries.
SNY Valve locates in Yancheng city, which becomes to be one of very important supply chain base for worldwide valve industry, many world famous valve companies set up their manufacture shops or source the valves from Yancheng city, like, VELAN, POWELL, WALWORTH, CAMERON, TYCO, CRANE,etc. 
SNY's approved foundry: Jiangsu Wanheng Casting Industry Co., Ltd., the biggest steel valve casting foundry in China, and SNY's dedicated foundry, Binhai SNY Shuanghai Specail Steel Valve Co.,Ltd., both of them also locate in Yancheng Area. 
SNY VALVE is committed to provide the highest possible quality industrial valves at the most cost effective way to customers worldwide, and deliver value added solutions & complete customer satisfaction, with all our resources, in every way possible.
Quality, Health, safety and environment management have top priority in our growth plans and all our endeavors. SNY VALVE is committed to providing a safe, healthy and positive working environment for our employees and those under our care. And with the goal of becoming an environmentally sensitive company, manufacturing environmentally friendly products & protecting the global environment is a very important theme, SNY VALVE has established management policy and action guidelines regarding environmental issues. we view "harmony with nature" and "sustainable development" as integral to the pursuit of our business.

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