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Assembly, CNC Rotation & CNC Milling

Machine Fabriek Elburg B.V.
Machine Fabriek Elburg B.V.

CNC Milling

 Machinefabriek Elburg b.v. is an expert in the manufacture and supply of precision rotation and milling parts and composite products (modules).
Thanks to its sophisticated planning combined with an efficient lean-staffed production method MFE is able to be very competitive in the European market.
Many reputable companies of international caliber make use of our possibilities.
MFE is specialized in:

  •     Working castings (GG-GGG and various alloys) and forgings (inclusive of material).
  •     Working precision rotation and milling parts made of all kinds of steel (including exotic types), non-ferrous metals  and synthetic materials.
  •     The supply of complete sub-assemblies and machines.

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Machine Fabriek Elburg B.V.
Industriestraat 10,
8081 HG Elburg,
Tel: +31 525 684 299