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Maanshan Middle Asia Machine Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd
Maanshan Middle Asia Machine Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd

ZYB Electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine

Maanshan central Asia machine tool manufacturing co., LTD. Was established in February 2001, the registered capital of 52 million yuan, covers an area of 130 mu, with production plant area of 50000 square meters. First-line production staff 210 people, the total number of employees 450 people, including various types of engineering and technical personnel 52 people, 3 foreign experts. Company's core products are mainly for ZYB type electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, WC67Y, WC67K general type, CNC bending machine, ZYS, RAS precision CNC brake type plate shears, QC12Y, QC12K type hydraulic pendulum shearing machine, service national economic production is widely used in automobile manufacturing, nuclear industry, environmental protection, petroleum equipment manufacturing, power tower, steel structure, shipbuilding, war industry, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Central Asia machine tool is also involved in real estate development, financial investment, overseas investment and diversified development of enterprises, in order to better serve the society and national economic development. Company is the first in anhui province maanshan blade mould and machine tool equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance, anhui machine tool association director and secretary-general unit of the first vice President of units, the anhui province forging machine tool and the blade mold professional standardization technical committee deputy secretary general of the unit.

Companies strictly enforce the ISO9001 international quality system standards, strictly abide by the "contract law", "consumer rights and interests protects a law". Is the anhui province maanshan forging industry backbone enterprises, high-tech enterprises in anhui province, in the forging machine tool manufacturing enterprises in anhui province was rated as the enterprise technology centers recognized by the province, the first enterprise technology centers recognized by the city, anhui province high quality shear folding machine and blade mold production demonstration enterprise; Only be granted maanshan shear folding machine export base enterprises; At the same time obtain province a-class tax credit units, guard the heavy reputation of contract units, provincial private scientific and technological enterprises such as the honorary title. Product has been evaluated and high-tech products in anhui province, anhui province science and technology achievement award, provincial key new products, anhui market quality assured products, science and technology awards such as the honorary title. Currently has a number of independent intellectual property rights. Company now has all kinds of big top processing equipment more than 100 sets, the processing capacity of 3 X 6 m Y axes respectively m, X 12 m Y 5 m, X 20 m Y 5 meters each one CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, and the world famous brand number of CNC machining center machines, related processing equipment are the powerful guarantee of the product by high yield and high precision and efficiency.

Company unswervingly based on talent innovation, technological innovation, product core technology research and development with great concentration, pay attention to the development of the new age technology workers training, product quality and sincere service, to the existing in the field of a group of professional and technical talents as guide, constantly absorbing advanced product design experience and profound theoretical knowledge, as usual, more enthusiasm to give customers the best quality products and services.

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