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Double-acting cylinders, Single-acting cylinders & Double acting telescopic cylinders

Lind Jensens Maskinfabrik A/S
Lind Jensens Maskinfabrik A/S

Hydraulic cylinders

LJM Hydraulik develops, manufactures and markets high quality hydraulic cylinders for virtually all purpose.

Our business concept is:

The right cylinder, in the right quality, at the right price and at the agreed time of delivery.

LJM Hydraulics is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders in Denmark. The majority of the production is special cylinders tailor made to customer requirements. LJM Hydraulik also have a wide range of standard cylinders in the program in which individual types are stocked items that can be delivered overnight.

The allows you to print drawings of standard cylinders of your choice. You also get the opportunity to send inquiries /orders via the Web site.

When a standard cylinder is chosen you will also be provided with a guided buckling calculation that constantly calculates according to the choices and entries you specify.

The buckling calculation will also be included on the print, so you have all relevant data.

  •  Double-acting cylinders
  •  Single-acting cylinders
  •  Plunger cylinders
  •  Double acting telescopic cylinders
  •  Stainless steel cylinders, oil and water hydraulic
  •  Centre hole cylinders
  •  ISO norm cylinders
  •  Hydraulic cylinders with built-in position sensor, proximity switches, etc.
  •  Hydraulic cylinders with built-in valves of all kinds and / or valve manifolds
  •  Hydraulic special cylinders
  •  DNV type approved hydraulic cylinders
  •  GL type approved hydraulic cylinders
  •  Special rod and pipe materials
  •  Special mounting
  •  Hydraulic cylinders with special certificates
  •  Advanced coating systems for hazardous environments

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Tel: +45 97 34 32 00

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