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bending and torsional flexible couplings, hydrodynamic couplings & gear couplings

KWD Kupplungswerk Dresden GmbH
KWD Kupplungswerk Dresden GmbH

bending and torsional flexible couplings

As the largest enterprise to specialise in the production of couplings, the firm of Kupplungswerk Dresden filled a special position in mechanical engineering in East Germany.

In the year 1952 the “VEB Kupplungswerk- und Triebwerksbau” has been founded as the successor of four companies with a long lasting tradition in the field of engineering:

  • A company called “ Vogel & Schlegel” was founded in 1887 as a repair service for machines and later on   as a producer of steam engines, transmissions and coupling
  • The company " Irmscher und Witte " founded in 1867 and beginning 1933 producing of turning machines
  • The company " Meteor " founded in 1903 in 1922 renamed in "Vasanta" the Saxonian knitting machinery plant
  • The company " Astra " founded in 1908 as a producer of pastry machinery and later on manufacturing of gears and continuously adjustable gear boxes

In 1982 the company “VEB Kupplungswerk Dresden” was established by a merge with the “Kupplungswerk Freital” and on the 30th of May in 1990 the company “Kupplungswerk Dresden GmbH” was established as successor of “VEB Kupplungswerk Dresden”.

In the course of its further specialisation and development as an innovative problem solver, Kupplungswerk Dresden opened up new fields of activity, built up new distribution structures and with effect from 1st January 1993 established itself as a private limited liability company.

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